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Title: HCQ v. Virus, Relaunched !
Post by: ACM on June 04, 2020, 04:32:05 PM
HCQ : A Victory in the Battle, (while War continues...) WHO's U-Turn, ReOpening HCQ Trials v. the Virus, came on June 3, (a Day after LANCET's "Concerns" for its Bogus <<Fake-Study>> slandering HCQ). I.e., as We had Already Published since May 23, and June 1st !

See:  (<<Bogus "Study" Risks to give Pretext to Block HCQ/AZ/Zinc Cure, f.ex. in France+>>) + (+"in fine"), (<<CoE Chair's Harvard+Einstein-educated Prof. Tsiodras (Greece/Australia): HCQ+ is Safe Cure v. Virus>>).


...But, during these 9 Days of Slandering and "Freezing" HCQ Trials, provoked by that Bogus "Fake Study", (25 May - 3 June) => 42.254 more People Died, and 1.083.263 more People were Infected... What these Fanatic Anti-Trump thugs did, is a Crime ! (See an INTW one of them gave to a ...Turkish Islamist TV "TRT")