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Title: Adverse Effects of Drug Remdesivir for Virus: + 5 Years of Testing !
Post by: Norma on April 30, 2020, 10:59:12 PM
The study made in China, and published by "the Lancet", after the "WHO", reveals that 6,5% more patients abandoned the Ramdesivir drug, compared to a Placebo group, because of "adverse events".

Another Study, made in USA, and published by Gilead itself, names among those adverse events also "Nauseas and acute Respiratory Failure".

But, we are now on April 2020, while Ramdesivir has been Tested (with Federal Funding) already since, at least .. 2015, as an initially anti-Ebola candidate drug in Africa...

=> More than ...5 or 6 Years are not enough in order to Know all "Adverse Events" ?