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Title: EUBorders+Erdogan-Women: Forgot Khalef's murder+ ?...
Post by: Aurora on March 08, 2020, 07:25:34 PM
EUBorders+Erdogan-Women: Forgot Hevrin Khalef's ("Future Syria" party's SG) murder+ ?...

Turkish President Erdogan, speaking at the International Day for Women, reportedly Claimed that it's a pity that "Nobody condemns the fact that Women seeking asylum are chassed away from the Borders of Greece", (which are also External Borders of the EU), asking "Greece (to) Open the Borders" (sic !)."

Currently, Erdogan is notoriously abusing of irregular mass migration flows in order to Blackmai Europe for more Money and/or his 3rd Military Invasion in Syria, (after Afrin and the Kurdish region, also now at Idlib), while preparing a relevant visit in Brussels next week.

He was apparently refering to many Dozens of Thousands of Mass Asylum Seekers/Irregular Immigrants, mainly from Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc., coming through Turkey, who have suddenly attacked the Greek and European Union Borders at Evros River (including with Stones, Gas, Knives, etc), where they have been reportedly transported also by Buses from Istanbul, backed by Turkish Police, sometimes even brutally pushed by Turkish Security Services, (according to various Medias reports), and supported by 1.000 Turkish Forces exceptionaly send at those Greco-Turkish Borders to assist them in their massive irregular tresspassing attempts. Both US and EU Authorities have Backed Greece's Sovereign Right to close its terrestrial Borders, and Duty to protect EU's External Borders, in these exceptional circumstances of blatant and brutal instumentalisation of mass irregular migrants manipulated by Turkey for its petty interests.

But, by doing so, did he "Forget" the recent scandal and abject war crime of the brutal Murder, Torture, Rape, and even odious Desacralisation of the Dead Body, trumpled underfoot, (in front of Video-cameras provocatively published at the Web), of young Syrian Woman Hevrin Khalef, Head of the "Future Syria" Party, who struggled for a Political Agreement and Unity between Christian, Arab, and Kurdish People in her Country, but was attacked and killed by Turkey's proxies/mercenaries, extremist Islamist Armed Gangs, at the Borders between Turkey and the Syrian Region of Turkey, during the Foreign Military Invasion by Ankara there on 2019 ? (See : +,, etc).



At least, after all this Time, did Turkey persecute, arrest and punish her odious Murderers ? Or, perhaps, Mr Erdogan only send them, as his mercenaries, to Libya...

+ And, by the way, what about the Killers of those 3 other Women of Kurdish origin, assassinated in Paris by Gunshots, (with suspicions notoriously pointing at the Turkish Security services), back on Jan. 2013 ?

What a short "memory" in Women's Day !