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Title: Virus:EU Boom+Hospital Risk?
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Virus: EU Implodes + Hospitals Risky ?

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   SInce "Eurofora"s stern Warning that "Deadly Modified Virus CoV.ID-19 Attacks towards Europe's Core !", on 22 Feb. 2020, (See: (, Adde also our 24/2/2020 UpDate : (, EU has, more and more clearly, become 1st in the World on the Number of Victims, after China's area (incl. S.Korea/Japan) !

Indeed, EU/EEA/UK sudenly reached at least 541 Infected persons. Moreover, according to other calculations, the Real Number of Victims in the EU would have already reached 730 Contaminated Europeans, (a main cause for that Discrepancy apparently being a decision by Italian Authorities to Hide the Number of that Virus-Affected Victims, by Not Announcing, from now on, but Only those with Severe Complications or Dead)...

 => At the same time, the "Impact" of North-Western Italy's strange Local "Clusters" of Contamination, (Exceptionaly Not Imported from China, etc), vis a vis the rest of the EU, "would be HIGH", according to the Latest Report of ECDC (27/2/2020) !

This goes "Especially if Hospitals were affected, and a large number of Healthcare Workers (i.e. Medical Staff) had to be Isolated", the European Watchdog warned.

+ Moreover, the real "Impact on Vulnerable" People,  "withIN affected Hospitals or healthcare facilities, is due to be Severe", ("particularly for the Elderly", but not only), ECDC sternly Denounces.

Obviously, such Augmented Risks Threaten mainly EU's Franco-German Core, in Adjacent Regions to North-Western Italy, as shows, among others, also the concrete Example of a Young French just Hospitalized in Strasbourg After travelling to Nearby NW. Italy.

At the Same Time, those Strange Local "Clusters" of Contamination (Not due to China), - including f.ex. "Hospitals or (Other) Healthcare facilities" (Comp. Supra), - have Already Killed at least 2 Victims Dead in NW. Italy  and near Paris (Northern France), a Peasant and a Professor respectively, withOut yet knowing where those Infections came from, Nor how...

>>> Most of all, it's a Scandal to see that, still Today, while the EU suffers with 541 or 730 Victims (Comp. Supra), on the Contrary, Russia and India, Big Neighbours of China, have Only ... 2 and 3 Patients from that Virus !

At least Russia, (often Friendly with China), had reportedly Closed its Borders almost immediately, already since a Long Time Ago.

=> Meanwhile, What have our EU Leaders done, in order to Timely and Efficiently Protect the European People ?