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Title: Turkish Invasion of Libya aggravates even further !...
Post by: 3Pierre on January 29, 2020, 11:01:50 PM
Turkish Invasion of Libya aggravates even further !...

+ After even "New York Times" just acknowledged that Turkey has already send Armed Gangs of Extremist Islamists Fighters from Syria to the Mediterranean coasts of Libya,

now other sources on the spot speak about 5 or 6 Military Ships, Frigates from Turkey coming and going around Tripoli's territorial waters, while even Airplanes Boeing 747 would be, in parallel, on the move, from Istanbul towards Libya, (etc)...


=> In other words, the Foreign, Turkish Military Invasion of Libya is currently aggravating fast, and nobody says or does anything to Stop it !

In principle, almost Everybody is AGAINST such a Foreign Military Intervention in Libya, (UNO, EU, Arab League, African Union, Neighbouring Countries, USA, Russia, China, etc. Even Erdogan promised to not do it, but lied).

However, they haveN't yet taken any Measure to Dissuade Turkey, since an UnElected Bureaucrat, who abuses, since a too long time, of the title of "Prime Minister", (but Refuses to Negotiate with the Opposition of his Country for anything, Rejecting even to Meet them Abroad), Paid Erdogan with Public Funds to Invade his own Country and fill it up with Armed Gangs of Extremist Islamist Jihadists, playing with Fire, and enDangering Europe and its People.

=> Something must be done to put an End to it, before it becomes too late, (in that Key-area , between Africa and Europe, Full of various Explosives) !