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Title: Dragging feet on CoronaVirus Threat against Human Health !?
Post by: Fengxu on January 27, 2020, 03:45:13 AM
Some drag their feet on New CoronaVirus Threat against Human Health !?

- Don't you think that some (particularly at a Global/International level) are Dangerously Dragging their feet vis a vis the Threats against Human Health presented by the New Corona-Virus ?

Not any Global Emergency Measure by the WHO yet, Not even any serious Regional International Measures known until now. While its sibling, the Awful Deadly "SARS", is well Known since 2003 at the latest, nevertheless, there is still No Vaccine for this kind of things, No Antidote, No real Cure, as it seems, not even on 2020 !...

Since it's Genetic Mutations which reportedly Provoke such Deadly Variants of those Virus, Why Nothing was done, during all this Time, by all those expensive and frequent Genetic Research projects, Worldwide, in order to Find or Invent an Efficient Protection for the People, (f.ex. Prevention, Vaccines, Antidotes, Cures, etc) ?

For a 2nd Time in a Row, after SARS, now also anOther such Deadly Scare suddenly Emerged from South-Eastern China's regions, Near some Hong-Kong's Labos : What might be going on, perhaps, around them ? Mutatis-mutandis, f.ex., it's a Fact that, in the Past, when Many Sheeps had started to Die at the UK, finaly, it was Discovered that this was Due to Contaminated Water that had Leaked from a Labo which was Testing Virus as vectors of Vaccines...

Now, this Other "Jump" from Animals to Humans, might be very Different, but it's also Deadly, People are Killed and/or seriously Threatened, so that something Efficient must be done to Protect Human Lives the Soonest, Urgently !