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Title: ISIS Head in Turkey ?
Post by: Petra on October 27, 2019, 09:13:35 PM
ISIS' Chief, El Bagdadi, was, Unexpectedly, found almost in Turkey :

- at the Turkish - Syrian Borders, and inside Idlib Region, which is notoriously supported and controlled by Turkey and its various Islamist Gangs' pals, but not yet by Damas...


Most people thought, on the Contrary, that he was hiding someplace in the huge Desert, between Syria and Iraq, at the Other Side of the Map !

What he was doing there, and how he arrived, and remained unnoticed, all this time, in such a small area ?

And why did, El Bagdadi, ISIS' Chief, chose to stay so Close to Turkey ?

Title: ISIS = +Turkey's co-Fabrication...
Post by: HelmutD. on October 31, 2019, 06:44:06 PM
+ German mainstream Newspaper "Die Welt" has just published an Article denouncing the fact that Turkey "Plays (Dirty) Games" with ISIS' islamist terrorists;

++ Trump's own Press Conference on El Bagdadi operation shows, in fact, that something went Wrong towards the Turkish side, contrary to the help clearly provided by all others ;

+++ Even pro-Trump North American Media "Breitbart" published, Afterwards, the Syrian Kurds' denunciation of the Fact that Turkey "Delayed 1 Month" El Bagdadi's capture/attack, (while he was Often Changing Residence, and, therefore, risked to "disappear" by Hidding somewhere else, soon).

++++ As for the Turkish Support, from the Start, into setting up ISIS, and, Later-on, Exploiting even economically its usurpation of Syria's natural, cultural and other Resources, (f.ex. Oil/Gas, Antiquities, etc), all that is well Known to almost everybody, and documented, since a long time ago...