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Title: Turkish trap:Surrender Land+Arms+Go Out+let me Occupy Zone, or I ReStart Hits !
Post by: Matan on October 17, 2019, 11:48:36 PM
Turkish trap: Is that thing a "Fair Peace Deal" for the Syrian Kurdish Region ?

>> -"Surrender your Land +Arms +Get Lost +Let me Occupy a Zone +Stop any Sanctions.
Otherwise, I ReStart Hits !"

And the Turkish Army's Invasion and Occupation of another Big Part of Syria (the "Zone") is Legitimazed, for an Undetermined period of Time.

They shamefully asked that, when Syrian National Army and Kurdish Regionalists, for the 1st Time United Together, were Starting to Win back/Liberate their Land from the Turkish Invasion, (while, also,  EU+US+Arab League Sanctions were threatening Turkey)...

=> Have they gone Nuts ?