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Title: Spain=Equality of Votes between Union of the Right and Left in EUElection (Polls
Post by: Aurora on May 13, 2019, 10:54:55 PM

With about 38,5% of Votes each, a Unity of the Right scores Equal to the Left in Spain at the forthcoming EU Elections, according to Polls published nowadays.

"Socialists" would get some 28%, added to Podemos' 9%, and IU 1,5%. At the Right, E"PP" would get 19%, added to 14% for the "Citizens", and about 5,5% for "Vox".

More than 26% of votes had been given to various Other Parties in the Past, compared to "only" about 21% (-5% Less) Now.

The Rightists of New Party "Vox" had been created by a former Long-time MEP of mainstream Party of Christian-Democrats/EPP, who had been elected 5 Times as EU Parliament's vice-President.