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Title: Bad Video ? =>Vote AGAINST Eugenic Choice Horrors, and FOR Human NATURAL Births
Post by: Horizon on May 10, 2019, 02:13:41 AM
Controversial EU Video :
=> Vote AGAINST "Eugenic Choice" Horrors, and FOR Human NATURAL Births !

NO !

The Birth of a Child is a noble, Divine Gift for loving Human Natural Family,

and Not at all a Politician or Mercantile, Eugenic "Choice" among many possible Artificial Products, from which some Technocrats might let us, once in 5 Years, Pick up this or that, like in a Bazaar !

Attempts to massively Impose to the Minds of Millions of People, the misconceived and misleading impression that a Child's Birth would be linked with things to "Choose", as this Video, (funded by EU Citizens' Taxpayer Money, including even Poor People who pay VAT for 100% of their meagre revenues), obviously seems to claim,

are irresponsibly and/or even criminally Dangerous for Humankind.

Particularly Nowadays, when Inheritable Gene Editing, irreversibly transmissible also to Future Generations, by Genetic Manipulations of Human Embryos, during Artificial Births, controlled and Monitored by Technocrats, jas notoriously just Started to really Threaten Humanity, (including, f.ex., with Appartheid InEqualities, fabricated Races, Chimeras/Zombies, etc), already since Autumn 2018...

=> Let's VOTE AGAINST such sly HORRORS !

 (no matter if they may be hypocriticallyHidden, but slyly Imposed by indirect Massive Propaganda to the Minds of Millions of People)...

The Controversial Video (already seen by over 33 Millions of "YouTube" readers) : ( (