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Title: 5 Europeans Homeless Die, while +Million of new-commer Foreigners get reg. Aid
Post by: Breadman on December 31, 2018, 12:58:46 AM
Around 5 European Homeless People reportedly Died, atrociously Burned Alive, in Poland, while, at the Same Time, more than a Million of new-commer Foreigners, (often from far away, and/or even without legitimate reasons), notoriously got various regular Social Aids, including for Shelter, recently, (and may escape from eviction, during at least 2 - 3 Years, just by asking to be enrolled for any Professional "Training", etc)...

This is added to the Unforgettable brutal attacks and attempts to set on Fire alive, a German Homeless Poor old man, earlier in Berlin, by a Gang of so-called "UnAccompagnied Children", (in fact young Men), who had been welcomed and got aid as Asylum Seekers.

What do Humanists and/or Real Europeans think about such Facts ?

This is added to Unforgetable images from Berlin remind the case of a

What do Real Europeans think bout such Facts ?