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Title: Trump sanctions on Turkey for Human Rights Violations is an Historic decision
Post by: Breadman on August 15, 2018, 11:03:55 PM

New USA President Don Trump's decision to start implementing concrete Sanctions on Turkey for gross Violations of Human Rights, (including the scandalous Persecution of a Christian Priest and other civilian people), is a very Honorable, Landmark Decision, of Historic Importance :

He reportedly put individual Sanctions on the Turkish Ministers of Interior and Justice (directly involved), raised Taxes for Turkish exports, and Freezed the delivery of 100 F35 Military Airplanes, while also, apparently, giving a Delay of some Days or a Week, before eventually adding even More Sanctions, if Ankara persisted.

Shame to others, who didn't move a finger in order to slam Turkey's blatant and Massive Violations of Human Rights (for many Thousands of People), and of basic Democratic Principles...