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Title: Aliens' Conflicts in External EU Borders' Hotspot facing Turkey
Post by: Horizon on June 16, 2018, 12:48:49 AM
At least 2 recent Violent Clashes between massive asylum seekers/irregular aliens from Turkey were reported in the Mytilene (Lesvos) Greek Island's "Hotspot" Camp of Moria, at EU's External Borders :

- In the 1st, Kurdish Refugee Families were reportedly obliged to flee out of the installations of that Camp, running away from it, accross the Streets of the island, after a Brutal Clash with some "Arab-speaking" groups from Turkey, (while "Rumours" about 3 Kurds having been "Killed" were apparently "denied" by the Authorities).

-In the 2nd such incident in a Series, it was, afterwards, African Black migrants who violently clashed, again with some "Arab-Speaking" groups from Turkey, inside that same Camp, making several Wounded People.

=> What's really going on ? Is there some kind of "Racism" and/or "Inhumanity" even among those who are chosen and send to Europe as so-called Mass "Asylum Seekers" since 2015-2016+ by Turkish Smugglers  ?...