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Title: Italy:New Right+5 Stars have a Duty to Govern Together !
Post by: Norma on May 02, 2018, 04:30:13 PM
Crucial decisions approach on Italy's political future these days.

In fact, the two frontrunners, who won the latest Parliamentary Elections of March 2018 (1st the new, united Right, headed by Salvini, and 2nd  Beppe Grillo's + Di Maio's "5 Stars" movement : See, have a DUTY to try to govern together, for at least 2 main reasons :

(A) First, because the Italian People clearly asked for a CHANGE, a renewal of the political life, and for a brand new Government. No for a backward compromise with old recipes of the outgoing 2013 government of the Left, which was strongly condemned by the Voters on 2018 !


(B) Moreover, politicians have also a National and European duty to do as advised above : Because, otherwise, i.e. if the new united Right and the 5SM stay divided, then, given the MAP of the latest elections' results, (where the 1st wins mainly at the North, and the 2nd mainly in the South), this would obviously provoke a serious risk for Italy to be divided also Geopolitically, between a Northern and a Southern areas, ipso facto triggering very dangerous, mutatis-mutatis similar divisions North/South accross all over Europe !


=> So that, to put it in a nutshell, in this original Italian case, play the political game Democraticaly (point A), is also play it Safely (point B)...

Title: Re:Italy:+POMPEO+Venice !
Post by: Thunderbird on May 02, 2018, 06:11:23 PM
What you say, seems to FIT well, not only last Sunday's, bigger than expected (57%!) Victory of the United Right in Venice's Region, but also the recent nomination of Mike POMPEO as new American SoS by President Trump :

=> F.ex. Salvini as PM, (as chief of the biggest coalition), better with "5SM"'s cooperation, but, at any case, in one way or another...

Title: Italy:5SM Fans eye Right !
Post by: Aurora on May 04, 2018, 12:15:21 AM

Recent Polls show a Majority of 5 Stars Movement supporters prefer a Coalition with the new united Right, instead of the outgoing PD ("socialists"), Reuters reported.