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Title: Afrin:Help Arrives+No Fly Zone ? (after Turkish Invasion's Killings)
Post by: GVK369 on March 08, 2018, 11:56:47 PM

Just after a series of Deadly Bombings by Turkish Foreign Invasion's Airplanes in Syria's Kurdish district of Afrin,


there are Reports about 1.700 Kurdish+ Fighters started to arrive at Afrin City from Raqqa + El Zor,


as well as for a possible "No-Fly Zone" around the City.

=> Do "Miracles" exist, particularly on Womens' International Day (often linked to Syrian Kurdish Women, since the Kobani Battle against ISIS) ?...


Title: +240 or +350 Civilian People Killed by Turkish Military Invasion in Syria (Afrin
Post by: JVJ on March 09, 2018, 04:11:54 PM

According to converging sources, (inluding London-based SOHR, Afrin Media Center, NGO Kurdish Red Cresdcent, etc),
the Turkish Foreign Military Invasion inside Syria's Kurdish District of Afrin had Killed more than 239 Civilian People, including at least 30 Children (as 3 Months' Baby Girl Diana Saleh, etc), and Wounded more than 700, until 5 March 2018.

In Addition, the Turkish Army Invasion has also provoked the forced Displacement of more than 150.200 Civilian People from Afrin district.
These Numbers did not yet take into account the consequences of the Turkish Artillery Shelling on Maryaman Village (near the Capital Afrin City) of Today, March 9.

AMNESTY and Human Rights Watch have already Denounced "Indiscriminate Shelling on Civilian areas" by the Turkish Military Invading forces since February.


( But, since the End of February, the NGO Kurdish Red Crescent had anounced that "in Afrin, the Turkish army’s Shelling and Bombardment have Killed  at least 348 Civilians", i.e. much more nowadays)