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Title: Sadiq's Londonistan has Knife Problems...
Post by: Breadman on January 01, 2018, 10:10:45 PM


 Mr. Sadiq also vowed to "work tirelessly in 2018 and Beyond (sic !) to Stump out" ..."Stabbings", as he "clearly" said...


At least a Record-High 5 Deadly Knife Stabbings' Attacks against Civilian People took place in London, at New Years' Eve, (with 4 Victims already Killed, and a 5th one struggling for Life in Hospital at a "Critical" condition).

According to mainstream Press, "The Metropolitan Police spokesperson revealed that 77 people Died from Knife crime in the UK capital in 2017".

And "the Office for National Statistics reports that the year 2017 has seen a Major Surge in Knife Crimes in London, with more than 12,000 blade Offences occurred".

Thus, "the Rate of Knife Crime in the British Capital is the Highest over the last five Years", (without counting also the additional Massive Islamist Terrorist Attacks)...

British Media had warned that Sadiq Khan's controversial election to Mayor's job, given also his personal links to various Islamist Radicals from the Past, risked to provoke a surge of various Violence Threats in London, (nicknamed "Londonistan", since then, by USA's "Drudge Report").


See, f.ex., also :,788.0.html +,853.0.html

Title: Sadiq's London Crime Records booming !....
Post by: Thunderbird on January 03, 2018, 02:08:34 AM

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as, f.ex.:

But Facts reveal that the real Problem is much Wider, and far Worse :