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Title: Germany-US: Bombers'"Family" reunification (even of Nephews with an Uncle) ?
Post by: HelmutD. on December 29, 2017, 11:54:23 PM
2017 German Elections were notoriously affected also by the mass irregular Migration from Turkey and relevant Security Problems, up to the current Government Coalition Talks, where a so-called "Family reunification" demand is pushed by Greens, Socialists, and others at the Left, contrary to Liberals, Alternatives and CDU/CSU of the Right.

At any case, nobody can forget the Fact that the Latest Islamist Terrorist Bomber who attempted to Attack Civilian People in New York, (Times Square), this December 2017, Wounding 4 Victims, etc, Akayed Ullah, was a Muslim Migrant from Asia's Bangladesh who had entered in the USA, during Barack Hussein Obama's presidency, under Pretext of being simply the ...Nephew of an "Uncle" who had migrated earlier in North America, (abusively presented as "Family unification" issue) !

And observers remind that, in previous cases, under such hollow pretexts, only one (1) mass migrant has served as pretext for .. Five (5), or Ten (10), perhaps even more other such migrants, without any relation to Europe, to enter in Germany and/or other EU Member Countries in the recent Past...

Title: Re:Germany-US Bombers'"Family" reunification (even of Nephew with an Uncle) ?
Post by: Aurora on December 31, 2017, 11:43:11 PM
Real Family nucleus obviously are Mother and Father with their own kids, eventually with Grandfather/Grandmother (if otherwise alone). Not "Nephews" with loose relations to an "Uncle", etc., as you criticized above, in that scandalous USA Bomber case.

And, at any case, Real Integration of Migrants is mainly Cultural, Socio-Political and Ideological, (able to stay almost for Life, and motivate various activities).

Not just a Job, (which can be easily found and lost, or even serve as a cover up, etc, without any sincere feeling of common belonging together with the People of the Host Country).