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Title: 2nd Fanatic pro-Hillary MSM hits Judge Moore with Same Unproven Dirt, Vote's Eve
Post by: Breadman on November 17, 2017, 03:29:20 PM

This time it's "ABC", i.e. the Only Media which used to systematically give Hillary around 10-20% More than Trump in Pre-Electoral Polls (sic !), ...until the American People threw that Establishment's blatant "Fake News"' tool to the Waste-Basket, by Voting Nationwide for New US President Don Trump's Victory for 2018-2022.

What an Hysteric Slander Mess, from Leftist "Bad Losers", (who don't dare say anything on the Big Political Issues affecting People's Lives and the whole Society) !

This key 2017 Alabama Senatorial Election has revealed an incredible degree of Anti-Democratic Regression and Decay among the worse Establishment's old Medias, sold out to a few Oligarchs and their Cronies (See: