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Title: A Chance or a Trap for European Citizens ? Face + Transform the Challenge !
Post by: Horizon on November 10, 2017, 09:30:13 PM

The spread of various anti-Establisment political Parties seeking Power in several European, American and other countries accrosss the World nowadays, incites the Establishment to concede to Citizens some new areas, for at least Dialogue-based involvement in decision making processes.

It should not be underestimated, neither idealized, but just taken for what it is : A limited but interesting Concession, (that some want to Restrict only for a short period of time, only for certain issues, and fill it up with sly, caricatural and money-wasting Lackeys of the system, while still blocking any real independent Citizens' participation to public decision-making processes, through genuine dialogue).

=> This challenge should be met adequately, without illusions, but seizing an opportunity to progressively transform it into a really New Democratic Tool for wider Citizen-State relations in the Future.

And, at any case, appropriate Alliances should be forged with all those who really want to Strengthen a more Democratic Europe, in order to prevent it from becoming a weak, "3rd World", manipulated playfield, practically abandoned at the mercy of an international division of labour directed from elsewhere, which doesn't give a damn for European Citizens.