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Title: Fake Dutch-Turkey row for Electoral trap ?
Post by: Thunderbird on March 15, 2017, 02:27:31 AM

Erdogan's suddden, systematic provocations targetting mainly the Netherlands, at the eve of a crucial Election, could be a Sly Trap, attempting to Manipulate Voters by pretending that Liberal Rutte would be .."hard" on Turkey, thanks to a few, short-lived, False Appearances.

On the contrary, some had Hidden, until recently, the fact that Rutte had accepted to import in Europe about 250.000 mass asylum seekers and/or other immigrants through Turkey, each year. That deal was made with Ankara on 2016 (not 2015), but was hidden to almost everybody else, according to the German Newspaper "Die Welt".

Target is, obviously, the Election of this Wednesday in the Netherlands.

A similar manipulation (in a different way) seems to have been made, earlier, also at an EU level, at the eve of the Austrian Presidential Election, at the End of 2016, again around Turkey.