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Title: Free Web at Risk by US Big Business-EU Com. Deal to Censor alleged Hate Speech?
Post by: JVJ on June 04, 2016, 11:02:09 PM
Free Web at Risk by US Big Companies-Brussels' Deal to Censor so-called "Hate Speech" out of Legal procedures ?
Religious and Secular NGOs United in Denouncing what may also fuel "BREXIT"..

An Unprecedented Unity of both Religious and Secular, as well as Internet Freedom Organisation of European and Global Civil Society Organisations, started to be forged these days in Response to a Controversial Deal between a Brussels' EU Commissioner and USA Big Companies, usualy suspected for Web Spying over People's private Data, (such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc), which aims to Censor and/or Block Access to On-line publications that might be accused of alleged "Hate Speech", even if they don't have anything to do with any kind of Violence, and even before or without following the Legal Procedures for such Infringements to the Human and Democratic Right to People's Freedom of Speech.

While nobody among them doesn't contest at all the Other declared Aim of that Deal : i.e. to Fight against Terrorists' calls for Violent Attacks, and/or attempts to legitimize them afterwards, nevertheless, the 2nd Aim of that Deal, i.e. to Block so-called "Hate Speech", even Non-Violent, by a mere Interference of Internet Providers' private Big Companies, out -and independently- of any Legal/Judicial Procedure, is strongly Denounced by Critics, who Warn mainly about obvious Risks to Muzzle various Social or Political Dissidents' Voice criticizing any Establishment's controversial Measures seriously affecting many People's Lives or even the whole Society. Particularly when some anonymous, inexperienced, irresponsible, superficial or biaised (f.ex. Lobby-driven, etc) intermediaries, hidden behind an overseas Big Corporation, might Abuse of a Vague "Hate Speech" accusation in order to immediately Censor various Critics, by grossly Violating Human Rights and Democratic Societies' vital need for Pluralist Publis Debates on all Topical "Hot" Issues.

Significantly, the First Time that a "Hate Speech" Pretext was mentioned at ECHR's case-law, it was many Years (Decades) ago, by ... the notoriously Oppressive Turkish regime, which had attempted to Abuse of such a Claim as a Hollow Pretext for Brutal Oppression of Freedom of Speech and/or Press  Freedom, (f.ex. by Prosecuting, Condemning to Prison and/or Heavy Fines, Closing Down, Blocking, etc., various Political Dissidents and/or investigative Journalists, Media criticizing the Turkish Government, etc)...

Moreover, it's at least a Clumsy Blunder, if not a Voluntary Provocation, to choose to Publish such a Controversial Restriction of Internet Freedoms inside the Area of EU's 28 Member Countries, just at the Eve of the forthcoming UK Referendum for Great Britain's stay or withdrawal from the EU : Is there anyone Playing Games, behind Brussels' Shady Backstage Corridors, about pushing the Brittish and other People towards "BREXIT" ?

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Title: Free Web at Risk by US Big Business-EU Com. Deal to Censor alleged Hate Speech?
Post by: Candide on June 11, 2016, 03:11:44 AM
It seems that a student was oppressed at a university, a Swedish journalist's video was erased at the web, and a British christian website was blocked under fallacious pretexts, while some free speach NGOs were discriminated in Brussels, according to your links. Is all that true ?