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Title: More for Migrants than for Innovation ?
Post by: Horizon on June 01, 2016, 04:45:01 PM
Some push the EU to give More Funds for Irregular Immigrants from Turkey, than for Productive Innovation, to EU Member Countries, such as Greece, who, on the Contrary, despeerately Need to find ways to Develop their Economy, instead of downgrading it...

F.ex. Athens reportedly got just 35 Millions € from the EU Investments' Plan Juncker, but more than 100 Millions € (out of a Total of about 700 Millions € promissed) in order to transform its Young European People into precarious Waiters of irregular Asiatic Immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc, practicaly chosen and Massively send by Turkish Smugglers into the EU !

=> Who is Undermining the Plan Juncker and Europe, and for which real reasons ?