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Title: Turkey Hinders Educated Refugees/Migrants to reach Europe, sending the Worst...
Post by: HelmutD. on May 22, 2016, 07:56:39 AM
The Turkish Government systematicaly Hinders well Educated Syrians from reaching Europe, and, on the Contrary, choses to send here "particularly serious Medical cases (i.e. Sick persons) or of very Low Education level", denounced the German Media, starting by "Spiegel".

This is added to the Discrimination imposed de facto by Turkey also against various Christian Refugees/Migrants from Syria, (who are often obliged to go as far as .. Armenia, but also to Lebanon, etc).

Significantly, when Pope Francis offered to host 3 Refugee Families at the Vatican, during his latest visit to Mytilini (Lesbos) Island, the "Syriza" Govrnment of Greece was Unable to find at least 1 (out of 3) Christian Family available, among more than 55.000 Refugees/Migrants currently staying in Greece, and was obliged to give him 100% Muslims, (i.e. all 3 out of 3) !