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Title: Scotland: Popular Success of Referendum matters most for the Future !
Post by: Breadman on September 19, 2014, 10:04:21 PM
In fact, the most Interesting point in that Scottish Independence Referendum story, is much more the Issues which matter for all EU Citizens :

- I.e., f.ex. Political Decision-making using Popular Referenda (and/or various other ways for Citizens' active participation), prior Public Debates before the adoption of Crucial Importance's Political Decisions, issues like local Tax freeze, free prescriptions, Education tuitions scraped, No Nuclear Arms' proliferation and/or abuse, real Nature protection, collective cultural/Historic Identity, etc., which were standing High during that Scottish Referendum Campaign, succeeding to Stimulate the Biggest Popular Participation ever seen at any Vote whatever throughout all UK's History !

=> In that sense, what happened can become useful also for the foreseable EU Future...