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Title: More than 1,1 Million Europeans migrate in Germany in 1 year !
Post by: HelmutD. on January 17, 2014, 11:32:49 PM
More than 1,1 Million Europeans migrated in Germany during just 1 year : 2012, revealed the latest Statistics.

Most of them originated from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and other EU Countries hardly hit by the Global Economic Crisis, logically attracted by Germany's better functioning production system today.

Previous years' data had apparently indicated, until now, that a Majority of European migrants often Returns, later-on, back into their Mother Country, where they naturally spread the German Language, Culture and personal links that they had acquired during their stay and work in Deutschland.

But almost another Half of those New European migrants decide to stay and live with their Families in Germany for a long period of Time, often bringing in also quite Qualified Workers of European culture and history, comparatively much more easy to integrate socially with sufficient cohesion, which starts recently to develop one of EU's potential advantages.