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Title: Internet spying WhistleBlower Ed Snowden (US), Citizen of Democratic World ?
Post by: Breadman on June 09, 2013, 10:57:22 PM
Interesting development,

particularly when it comes just after CoE's recent Hearing on Whistleblowers in general, in view also of Legal Protection measures,

(naturaly after carefully checking each concrete case's sincerity, usefulness to Democracy and Human Rights, as well as taking due care "not to harm any people", US NSA included, as Edward Snowden says in the Press Interview just published by various mainstream Medias) :

=> If he's sincere and truthful, then, one of the Questions which obviously arise in real practice is :

> Where should such People find a haven, between Hong Kong (China), where he reportedly is now, and Iceland, one among the places where he would like to be ?...