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Title: After opposing anew Turkey's unpopular EU bid, UKIP re-booms in Local Elections
Post by: Breadman on May 04, 2013, 02:51:31 AM
UKIP boosted in Local Elections after opposing anew Turkey's unpopular EU bid (mixed to Immigration issues)

For a 2nd time in a row since its astonishing win at 2009 EU Elections, unorthodox  UKIP party won a huge boost in Great Britain"s Local/Regional Elections, shortly after it confirmed anew that it's "the only political party in the UK to clearly oppose Turkey'"s controversrial and unpopular EU bid, as a UKIP MEP stressed recently at EU Parliament's plenary during the discussion of EU Commission's Annual Reports on Enlargment, as NIgel Farage had altready done at first during the 2009 European Elections, when opposition to Turkey had become No 1 in UKIP¨'s Agenda, resulting in an Historic Victory as 2nd Party in he UK, outnumbering even the governing then New Labour Party.

Jumbing far beyond any previous Polls' predictions, the original UKIP politicians now won more than 23 % of the votes in Great Britain's latest Local/Regional Elections, outnumbering even the Governing Coalition partner Lib/Dems (down to only 11%), and approaching dangerously the No 1 Governing party of the Conservatives (about 25%), that they might have also ounumbered if they had presented candidates in all concerned areas, instead of only in some selected hotspots.

The succesfull UKIP's recipe criticised this time both Turkey's controversial  and unpopular EU Enlargement claim and its immediate repercussions on EU Financial and Immigration problems, etc, which affect EU Citizens' everyday lives.