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Title: EU Parliament's next Plenary session Draft Agenda(s)
Post by: ACM on February 13, 2013, 01:14:20 AM
"EuroFora"s readers will soon find here further Practical Information on Topical Issues which are currently prepared for Final Decisions due to be taken by the Next EU Parliament's Plenary session :

F.ex. :

+ New links (UpDated) : (

=> EU Citizens can Select any Issue at EU Parliament's Agenda that they might wish to Debate during EU's Decision-making process, i.e. before the Final Vote.

According to "EuroFora"s original project (1997-2007), progressively, this will be extended further, in order to include also, at least Main Issues previously prepared inside the various EU Parliament's competent Committees, (which have recently got an important power in Shaping the Report and the main Amendments to Draft Resolutions, already before the Plenary).

Attention : These are DRAFT Agendas, for the moment, since the Final draft Agenda is decided only the last Thursday before the Plenary session, and EU Parliament officially adopts its Agenda by a Vote at the beginning of each Plenary Session week, on Monday.