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Title: Up with Global geopolitical News Strategy !
Post by: Ivan on August 10, 2012, 04:20:21 PM
At this moment, news on various geopolitical games have captivated a worldwide audience and an impressive part of the internet, where millions of people are eager to take part in topical debates.

Not just to have fun, or by personal hobby, but because of strong economic, political and/or cultural, often vital human and social issues.

However, in order to become a succesful global player, you have to do much more than simply practice the rules of the game, and develop a personal Strategy, choose the best areas, get a solid base, and start developing an original path in the global community.

All these issues must be thoroughly examined, find a lot of required data, imagine the best horizon and create the right solutions.

Title: Between Independent's + Christian Science Monitor's strategies ?
Post by: denio on March 17, 2014, 09:30:12 PM
Two different mainstream NewsMedia, and Christian Science Monitor are heading towards 2 "extreme" variations in Press Strategy :

- CSM has recently become an exclusively 100% "on line" Media, i.e. a "pure player", (after publishing for a long time as one of the most traditional US newspapers !)

+ Independent is considering to adopt a 100% "Free of charge" formula, which might "push competition out of business" (given that Newspaper's traditional Quality), according to its CEO, (with an innovative proprietor of Russian origin).

=> It certainly is interesting to follow attentively their respective developments, and, eventually imagine and craft a kind of "intermediary" or partial "synthesis" formula.

Title: Better Real, than Fake News...
Post by: Louise on August 22, 2020, 11:59:35 PM

It's Better to have Real Web News, by sincerely motivated People, instead of Fake "CNN"-like pseudo-"News", by an old Establishment's corrupted outlet.