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Title: Famous critic Film director Angelopulos killed by PASOK Cop (Film = Debt scandal
Post by: Horizon on January 25, 2012, 10:37:44 AM
World famous, critical Cinema director Theo Angelopoulos brutally killed by PASOK's cop while working on a new film about the "Debt" scandal

The World famous Cinema director Theo Angelopoulos was brutally killed, with his crane crushed, after a violent aggression by a PASOK's Cop riding a motorcycle, exactly there where one of the most important, European creators, artist and thinker, a well-known critic of the establishment in Greece and elsewhere, with a penetrating but also human and beautiful way to denounce Historic scandals affecting Millions of People, was working for his New Film, reportedly inspired by the "Debt" drama which affects today mostly simple People in Greece and all Europe+.

It was the 1st time that Angelopoulos (who had got many International awards for his Films, after becoming a kind of Legend for the younger generations), had recently decided, exceptionally, to start dealing with a "Hot", still on-going issue of topical and crucial importance still today, which had recently attracted the greatest and most original Mass Demonstrations by Young and Old simple People of various political horizons in the History of the country at Syntagma ("Constitution") square, with a crystal-clear anti-Corruption popular impulse.