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Title: InterReligious and larger participants in BioEthical debates to come
Post by: JVJ on March 07, 2009, 06:14:55 PM
An interesting Inter-Religious gathering and statement was recentely organised in Strasbourg, with its Mayor Ries, in order to launch a joint appeal to calm, democratic debate, mutual respect and tolerance, avoiding troubles and clashes related to the Middle East conflict.

Since long, there is a Plan to create a kind of panEuropean interReligious institution there, as already said at EU Parliament, at Strasbourg's various events, etc.

Now that Moral and BioEthical issues are due to become even more important, because of imminent decisions in the US, France, maybe Germany, etc. reviewing Legal rules on Genetics, Human Embryo, Tests, etc., it is obviously urgent to have the largest possible number of sincerely interested actors of Civil Society (NGOs, Experts, politicians, citizens, scientists, industry, etc), to get involved in Democratic Debates on such issues affecting the whole Society.