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Title: Merkel's dilemma on Papandreou visit: Support MEPs demands to Investigate 2000
Post by: Breadman on March 04, 2010, 02:30:45 AM

Merkel's dilemma on Papandreou visit: Solution, support MEPs demands to Investigate 2000/2001 scandal !

German Chancellor Merkel reportedly is facing a dilemma on tomorrow's visit by Socialist PM Giorgo Papandreou, from Greece : Either help him, and face an opposed public opinion, or let him down, and risk a breach in EuroZone.

One possible soluition would be to subordinate any help to the Condition that a full and efficient Investigation is made on the 2000/2001 scandal, which falisified financial data on the Greek Economy, with the interference of American Wall Street "experts", (See recent Press Reports), resulting into an earlier than normal entry in EuroZone, by hiding a huge and growing debt.

Prepared by several SocialistGovernments in many EU Member States (including Germany, France, etc), this boosted Socialists' chances to win Elections in Greece, which were held then.

Demands for an indepedent Investigation were recently made by various MEPs : F.ex. Austrian anti-Corruption MEP Hans Martin, and the President of EU Parliament's Liberal Group, Guy Verhofstadt, etc.

If this was really done, it might reveal plenty of huge scandals, from the Economy up to Politics, of topical interest for Europe's future...

Title: Kohl's burning coal ?...
Post by: CharlesHert on October 30, 2014, 07:24:33 PM
check out the on-coming new book by former chancelor Helmut Kohl, in this regard : Judging by what he had already started to denounce as early as from 2011, now, at this crucial juncture for EU's Economy, with a new EU Commission entering at the playground for the next 5 years, etc., some more such revelations and/or appreciations might burn more than hot coal !...