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Title: Anemic EU involvement in Prague Conference on 2004 Enlargment...
Post by: Geopol on March 01, 2009, 11:44:20 PM
It's a pitty that for such an important issue, as EU's 2004 Enlargement to 10 more Member Countries, from Center-East Europe to the Mediterranean (the biggest ever), that the Czech EU chairmanship has the good idea to prepare tomorrow at Prague, EU leaders' participation was limited only to a brief Baroso visit ("tbc"), and a short Economic review by a few experts...

The 2004 event had also Political, Cultural and Historic aspects, spearheading the reunification of Europe after the end of the cold war, highlighting Turkey's reluctance to respect its obligations vis a vis the EU on the occasion of Cyprus, raising the question of a possible European identity for the People in the future, etc.

It deserves much better than that..