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Title: Why not a European team ?
Post by: Candide on August 28, 2009, 11:41:22 PM
There are many "euro"-this, or "euro-that", but there has never been, at my knowledge, any European Team, at any sport : Neither football, nor basket, ping-pong, chess, etc. Only National, Regional or Local teams.

Why not ?

The symbol of a good European team, at any popular sport, would be a good stimulus for EU Citizens to be attracted by the European construction, and would certainly benefit the european integration by creating a collective feeling of belonging to the same group;

At the same time, National, Regional and Local teams could naturally continue to exist and thrive, sending their best players to a European team only for a while.

Such multi-level sport organisations already exist, fex. at the USA. in Russia, China, etc. Only Europe hasn't, curiously, yet done so !...