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Title: EU the most inteconnected area in the World ?
Post by: Horizon on February 28, 2009, 04:14:52 PM
Is it true that Europe has, since Ancient times, the longest Sea coasts and River sides, as well as from the Modern times, the most dense Rail and Road Network, compared to its surface and population, from all other Continents in the World ?

If yes, then, Europe could claim to be, comparatively, the most "interconnected" area in the world ! That fits well with EU's probable advantages in Telecoms now, and is obviously important for European integration.

But, today, what about Internet ? We started later than the US, mainly because of its Military origin after 2nd WW and the former "Cold War". But are we going to win the race, or at least be among the first, in the digital communications "World-wide-web" competition ?....