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Title: New EU Commission President must be elected on a Program on Crisis, Turkey, etc.
Post by: Candide on May 26, 2009, 02:56:05 PM

New EU Commission's President must be democratically elected with a clear Program on Economic Crisis, Turkey, etc.

EU needs a clear mandate with a Democratic "Political Responsibility" for whoever might be elected as new EU Commission's President, reportedly stressed French and other EU Countries' officials.

- "There is a Democratic procedure to be respected. We want a Political Responsibility in Europe, to know what the EU Parliament and EU Commission willl do", reportedly said EU Affairs Minister Bruno Le Maire, and this position "is not isolated", most of other EU Countries keeping their cards hidden behind a the "on-going Debate", and German chancellor Merkel remaining officially silent.

In the few time available before 4 to 7 June EU Parliament Elections, until mid-June's Brussels' EU Summit, governments may only give a simple "indication" on the road ahead, according to some Media.

The campain and election of the new EU Commission's President might be done by EU Parliament either immediately, on mid-July, (something rather difficult, since new MEPs will be busy to elect their own President, vice-Presidents, Heads of Committees, Delegations, etc., in an exceptionally short week), or towards October, as usual, and taking meanwhile into account the results of the second Irish Referendum on the New EU Treaty, which provides for a proper Electoral Campain for the new EU Commission's President and more EU Parliament's rights.

The main question seems to be not so much who will be the new EU Commission's President, but what he will promisse to do during the 2010-2014 period.

The People and both EU Countries' Governments and EU Citizens' representative MEPs must clearly know, debate and freely choose what will be the main EU Commission's decisions on Europe's Future.

Title: Re: New EU Commission President must be elected on a Program on Crisis, Turkey, etc.
Post by: HelmutD. on May 26, 2009, 05:02:43 PM
It seems that, according to whether the new EU Parliament, which will result from June 2009 EU Elections, will be mainly guided by a ChristianDemocrat (EPP) - Socialist compromise as usual, or by a Christian-Democart and Liberals (etc) coalition, the results might be differend.

And rather unexpected, differend from usual, ordinary habits, particularly in view of the main issues...

Title: Bayrou accuse le PS d' "hypocrisie" au sujet de Barroso...
Post by: 3Pierre on May 26, 2009, 11:25:18 PM

 "Comment les socialistes français peuvent-ils dire 'stop Barroso' en France, et se taire à Bruxelles quand leurs amis le soutiennent ?  Je suis contre ces gangs d'hypocrites", déclare François Bayrou dans une interview à Libération". selon Reuters.