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Title: 2013 for Turkey's EU entry, says center-Left (Socialist) French politician !..
Post by: Veritas on May 19, 2009, 02:04:28 AM

2013 should be the date for Turkey's controversial EU entry, said French center-Left politician, Mr. Beylet (sorry : Baylet), a "Radical of the Left", i.e. ally to the French "Socialist party".

While the Socialist politicians still seem to hesitate speaking clearly about Turkey, on the contrary, their ally, Mr. Beylet (in fact : Baylet), formally stressed now that his group "had anounced from 2004 that it's in favor of Turkey's accession to the EU in a deadline of 10 Years" !

This brings it all up to the next EU Parliament's mandate periode : 2009 - 2014, contrary to some Socialist politicians' claims that Turkey would not be an issue for 2009 EU Elections...

Beylet's statements prove that, in fact, it's NOW OR NEVER the Time for EU Citizens to vote for, or against, Turkey's EU bid controversy..