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Who is sabotaging EU - Russia Energy links via Ukraine, ...in order to impose f.ex. Turkey ?

Written by ACM
Monday, 16 June 2014

*Strasbourg/News-Viewpoint/- An astonishing revelation made Today, just after the Deadlock in the Ukraine - Russia negotiations for Gas supplies,  is that EU Commission reportedly stood closer to Moscow's alleged efforts (by offering price reductions, debt facilities, etc) to save this relationship, (which is of a strategic importance for EU's own Energy supplies from Russia), than to the new Kiev Government's  reported desiderata, (that Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev denounced as "destructive", and driven by some other, non-european interests).

By a coincidence, almost at the same time, an obscure so-called "Independent Committee", INGO chaired by the Socialist former president of Finland Ahtisaari, asked to DIVERT a previously planned Israel - Cyprus - Greece new Gas supply strategic link which is due to head DIRECTLY towards the EU, by obliging them to extend it longer by a useless ZIG-ZAG to and from  ... Turkey, notoriously full of Earthquake-prone unstable soils, a persisting and worsening Kurdish Conflict, recent anti-Syrian Islamic Extremists' armed Terrorism, in addition to a currently deepening Economic Crisis !

What for ? Except from all the above-mentioned disadvantages, the notoriously undemocratic and oppressive Turkish regime has nothing more to offer to anyone involved, except, perhaps, of the fact that it's the only eventual Transit Country to host a heavy .. .USA Military Base...

Adding even another "coincidence", this same Mr. Ahtisaari, reportedly reiterated even in public, his "socialist" pals' insistance to accept Turkey's controversial and unpopular EU entry bid, which is notoriously rejected by a huge Majority of French People and an even more growing Majority of German People, to which has recently been added even a Majority of Brittish People, (to take just the 3 Biggest EU Countries, with the most numerous population).

Moreover, these same days, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, (who is the main inceptor of the Israel - Cyprus - Greece direct Energy transport link towards the EU, to which Bulgaria wants also to be added now), faces a Tragic Challenge by the unprecedented Kidnapping of 3 Youngsters, reportedly including even two 16 years old Children, at the occupied West Bank. But the Palestinian movement is Not used at all in such Methods, which have just been condemned also by the Palestinian President Abbas, while, on the contrary, Kidnapings and even Killings of even fragile Innocent People reportedly is a usual method frequently used by some other Islamic Extremist Terrorist Groups as that which recently attack Syria and now even Iraq, in both cases, close to Turkey's borders.

In parallel, elsewhere, others Dissuaded Azerbaidjan/Georgia and Romania/Bulgaria etc. Black Sea - Danube/Rhine Rivers' plan for Ship Transports of Gas Directly towards the EU, (known as "AGRI") , pushing to Deviate by an Expensive and Dangerous U-turn via Turkey, while, recently, the emergence of Strange, atypical "Islamic" Extremist Terrorism spreading in Western Africa, starts to Block another EU - Directed huge Pipeline project to Transport Energy towards Europe from Nigeria's Huge deposits (currently the Biggest findings in the World) in the forseeable Future..  

=> Taken together, all these and even more such unquestionable Facts, obviously raise the following Question :

 - Whose shady Interests may be exploiting the recent Tragic Killings even of innocent and defenseless Civilian People, (including Elders, Women and even Children), added to many Destructions of Family Homes, Factories, Civilian Administration Buildings, etc., in the Dissident regions of South-Eastern Ukraine, recently attacked by a heavily armed Military of Kiev's new rulers, which reportedly abuses of Tanks, AirPlanes, Helicopters, Missile Launchers and other Deadly Weapons of a whole Army, without any tangible result until now, except even Soldiers' losses ?

Why Divide a previously Peaceful Ukraine and make its People Kill eachother, while also  Blocking EU's DIRECT ENERGY SUPPLIES from Russia, almost at the same time that, elsewhere, others Dissuaded Azerbaidjan/Georgia and Romania/Bulgaria etc. Black Sea - Danube/Rhine Rivers' ENERGY SUPPLIES DIRECTLY TOwards the EU, obliging to Deviate by an U-turn via Turkey : the same Dangerous Deviation that some search to impose also to EU's DIRECT ENERGY SUPPLIES from Israel (which might, in the Future, even Help solve the thorny Middle-East problem by developing the Economy of the area), in parallel to others' attempts to Block a planned Gas Pipeline from Nigeria's huge deposits DIRECTED TOWARDS the EU, at this Crucial moment of getting Out of the recent Global Economic Crisis, in the middle of an intensifying International Competition ?

Will the New European Leadership, due to emerge after the May 2014 EU Parliament's Elections during this crucial Summer/Autumn 2014, for the next 5 Years, become fully Conscious of what is really at stake around Europe's  Needs and Potential for Autonomous Energy Supplies, simply by  taking a look at a GeoPolitical Map of Today's World  ?



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    - "Europe must be liberated from this undermining "wooden talk" of a "unique thought" which hampers democratic debates", stressed incoming EU Chairman, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, speaking to Journalists after his official meeting with EU Commission's President, Jose Barroso, at Elysee Palace in Paris

    - "It's precisely because there are not enough Debates, that EU hasn't managed yet to make it clear to European citizens what is really at stake", he added, in an obvious reference to the latest Irish "No" in 2008, after a long series of similar, unprecedented events, from the 1st Majority Abstention to EU Parliament's Elections in 1999, repeated in 2004, to the Dutch and French "No" in 2005, etc.

          In fact, "there is no time to lose for Europe, and that's why we decided to start the French EU Presidency right away, from the first day", he explained, on France's exceptional choice to schedule the usual meeting with EU Commission from the 1st day of the 1st month, instead of the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th or even 10th or 11th, as it had been done by others in the Past..    

    - "This is not an easy period, but we shall act with determination, while also listening to Citizens' views", he promised.

    Sarkozy's move came shortly before his opening Speech, next week in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, for the first Public Debate on the Priorities of the French EU Presidency (July - December 2008), and that's one of the reasons for which he significantly opened his EU Council's Chairmanship by welcoming at Elysee palace EU Parliament's President, German MEP Hans Gert Poettering at first..

    The incoming EU Chairman was replying to Press Questions about rumours that controversial British EU Commissioner on Trade, Mandelson, was alone to drop an invitation to have a working Diner at Elysee palace, together with all other EU Commissioners and the French Government, only because he would have been upset for some critical points made earlier by President Sarkozy in defense of European Agriculture vis-a-vis its Foreign competitors.

    But, as smiling Sarkozy played down Mandelson's reported refusal to debate, saying that he had to visit Marseille for a Ministerial meeting on Trade the next morning, and that "all our British friends are always welcome to taste a nice diner" in France, perhaps at another occasion..

    - "It's urgent to win anew the trust of the People" : Lately, "the European ideal lost its momentum. Since several years, whenever Citizens are questioned on Europe, they react with reserves : They even have .. a tendency to reply "NO".. After this 3rd "No" of a People in some years, there is an Urgency to convince", added French Prime Minister Francois Fillon, after a meeting earlier the same day of all Ministers with EU Commissioners, followed by an interview with Barroso

    "According to recent Polls, only 30% of French people believe that the European construction is a source of hope. It's only a poll, but we all now quite well, that, since 2005, it's dangerous to neglect these alarming signals, as it would be dangerous to treat with contempt the Irish "No", Fillon warned.

    "We all have a common duty to prove to the European Citizens who have doubts, that EU is more useful, more necessary, than ever" : And "that EU can take decisions needed in order to respond to European or Global challenges", the Prime Minister concluded.

    - "We believe, together with President Sarkozy, that EU should open debates on all issues of direct, concrete interest to Citizens", confirmed later to EuroFora the Head of France's governing party (UMP), Patrick Devedjan, after his speech to the European People's party (EPP) Study Days in Paris (2 - 4 July 2008).

    He didn't deny that one of them is Turkey : - "Public Opinion in France is very much unfavorable to Turkey's EU bid, and President Sarkozy has said that several times", he told EuroFora.

    From European Central Bank's controversial policies on Euro's value, to EU Enlargement Strategy, etc., issues of obvious importance to EU Citizens will be plenty, next week in EU Parliament in Strasbourg, before President Sarkozy launches the debates on EU 2008 French chairmanship's priorities on Thursday.


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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