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Merkel warns Hollande on Turkey if Socialists harm €uro : Pacta sunt servanda(Her reply to EuroFora)

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Monday, February 06, 2012


If you dare touch upon €uroArea's currently accelerating integration, then, forget all about Turkey's - EU unpopular closer links, talks and funds, seems to be the message twice launched by christiandemocrat/EPP leader Merkel to "Socialists", on the occasion of Hollande's controversial threats against the New €uroArea Governance Treaty :

By doing that, the German chancellor (who currently tops, with 64% of positive views, her country's Polls) revives in 2012 her famous "Pacta sunt servanda" formula-reply to "EuroFora"'s co-Founder's question as early as since the beginning of her work at Berlin's Top Political Job, from November 2005 (See infra)..

For a 2nd time in a row, German Chancellor Angie Merkel, indirectly but surely, warned, in substance, the controversial "Socialist" candidate to French Presidential Elections of May 2012, Hollande, that if he persists to threaten with a cumbersome re-negotiation among 25 EU States the new Treaty which created €uroArea's Governance (decided by EU Summits on December 2011 and confirmed on January 2012, due to be signed at the beginning of March), then, she could do alike at another issue interesting "Socialist" parties, that of Turkey's unpopular EU bid, where she was obliged to accept the continuation of EU - Turkey talks, (spending almost 1 Billion € in grants each year, even during the current Global Financial Crisis), while she is notoriously opposed to Ankara's demand to enter inside the EU, only because previous "Socialist" Governments in Germany had signed such a controversial deal in the Past, obliging Germany as a State.


The 1st such warning was given by Merkel during her Press Conference on the EU Summit of January 30 in Brussels (comp. "EuroFora"s NewsReports from Brussels), and the 2nd was significantly given today, February 6, in Paris, in a special TV interview to Franco-German channels, together with French President Nicolas Sarkozy. In other words, either all "Pacta sunt servanda", or none, according to Merkel's wording in her famous reply to "EuroFora"'s co-founder's question, precisely on Turkey's unpopular EU bid, during her 1st official visit to Elysée Palace, immediately after she became Chancellor, on November 2005.


Our question concerned mainly the respect of Turkey' obligations vis a vis the EU, that Ankara had assumed in order to start negotiations with the EU, but Merkel had replied in a way which was covering all international commitments which had been undertaken in the Past by previous Governments, including by a former "Socialist" Government in Germany, also on the opening of EU - Turkey negotiations, which, indeed, continued in theory until now.

German Chancellor Merkel's and French President Sarkozy's well-known opposition to Turkey's unpopular EU bid was, thus, translated, later-on, in EU Council's subsequent decisions that the final outcome of Turkey's EU Talks was "Open-ended", i.e. could possibly lead simply into a kind of "privileged partnership" or any other kind of closer relationship, but not at all in a full EU Membership, which depended also on EU's capacity to "Integrate" such entities as the non-European, mainly Asiatic, Under-Developed and notoriously Anti-Democratic Turkish  regime, while even the continuation of EU - Turkey talks was subordinated, after Sarkozy's election, to the exclusion of 5 Chapters, considered to touch upon full EU Membership, (such as Citizens and Institutions, Foreign and Security, Regional and Cohesion policy, etc), in addition to the other 6 Chapters already blocked since 12/2006 because of Turkey's refusal to abide with its obligation to lift any discrimination against EU Member Cyprus (Sea + Air Transports and Communications, Trade, etc), and EU accepted in principle Sarkozy's proposal to start a European Debate on EU's Identity and Future.

+ Meanwhile, the new movement launched by the Franco-German couple for deeper and higher EU "Integration"; since the December 2010 Summit at nearby Freiburg, (See "EuroFora"s NewsReports from the spot), and extended inside €uroArea after the August 16, 2011, Franco-German Summit at Elysée palace in Paris, (See "EuroFora"s NewsReport from there), leading to 25-26 EU Countries' decision to establish and confirm a New Treaty on €uroArea's Governance, including even "regular" Top Politcal level's Summits of Heads of State/Government, more than twice a year, and possibly each Month, i.e. approaching the usual pace of a normal Government (weekly), (See "EuroFora"s NewsReports from the 12/2011 and 1/2012 Brussels' EU Summits), obviously opened some New Perspectives for a Future European Horizon, whose potential dimensions have not yet been clearly understood and/or explained to the Public by traditional Médias...

Takiong also intoé account the fact that EU's Budgets are due to be "Freezed", during the foreseeable Future, by the well-known 2010 Letter of new British Prime Minister David Cameron, in agreement with German Chancellor Angie Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, particularly during the current Global Financial Crisis, while, at the same moment, the Franco-German couple at the core of €uroArea launches, since 2010-2012, more and more common projects, mainly on Scientific Research and Technological development, with additional Funds, added to ECB's recent 12/2011-1/2012 operations considerably facilitating Banks' Loans to all €uroArea Countries, now starting to focus also on Growth in a series of current and forthcoming €uro-Summits, obviously leads towards the possible creation of an at least "2 Levels" Integration in Europe's heart, whose core shouldn't naturally be exposed to Ankara's dangerous Asiatic and Global (US-led) tricky games...



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