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Islamic Terrorists Boko Haram Deadly Bombers go "High-Tech", while Arms Smuggling +Schools' war grow

Written by ACM
Friday, 30 May 2014

*Strasbourg/- The arrest of a suspect thought to be Bomber Expert of Islamist Terrorist "Boko Haram" Armed Group, that Nigerian Officials called "West Africa's Al-Quaida", earlier this Month in a Paris' Summit organized by French President Hollande with European and African participants, after the kidnapping of more than 200 Young Girls, by revealing even "High-Tech Communication" Tools, "very Expensive Laptop Computers" and several Dozens of Mobile USB Memory Chips, etc., just after People had been Surprised by seeing BH abuse f.ex. about "30 High-LUX Toyota Trucks in 1 single operation", added to "Sophisticated Heavy Weapons", etc., raised growing critical Questions and Concerns about probable "Foreign" Actors Tele-Guiding the continuing Mass Massacres of Innocent People, Destructions of their Family Homes, Massive Deportations of local Populations, etc., to the point that Elected Representatives of areas with most Victims have recently voted a Resolution asking the Nigerian Government to Prosecute Boko Haram's "Financiers", particularly after the alleged "Bomber-expert" arrested now was found Heading towards "Sabisa" Forest , a Hiding place for Boko Haram Terrorists, coming from a "Abuja" Airport used by ..."Turkish Airlines", who had notoriously been earlier involved in a widely DIscussed, controversial affair of "Arms Transports" to Northern Nigeria, where BH's Headquarters are located.


The alleged "Bomber" arrested Today reportedly admitted Responsibilities for the latest Series of 4 Deadly Explosions, from April 14 up to May 24, 2014, which Killed more than 300 innocent Civilian People, at Bus Stations, Markets, Railway terminus, University Hospitals, or Football viewing centers, etc., spreading Terror at the North of Nigeria, where it was recently revealed that "Turkish Airlines" Flights Transported "Ammunition" since March 11, 2014, (See Details Infra), not far away from the area where more than 200 Young Girls studying at a Christian village's School were Kidnapped by Boko Haram  Islamic Extremists, while Ankara has recently established, there at Norhern Nigeria, several Islamic "Turkish Schools" (sic !), whose real purpose is hotly contradicted and quite unpopular among many NIgerians discussing at Internet Forums about the latest developments on possible Causes and the Fight against Terrorism, (while "Education" notoriously is Islamist Extremist "Boko Haram"s No 1 Target, as even its Name clearly reveals : "Western Education is a Sin") :

(Mr. Fethullah Gülen)

- "Why, in the world, do we need (Islamic) Turkish Schools in Nigeria ? Is Tukey better than Nigeria ? How many Nigerian Schools do we have in Turkey ? This is an Insult ! If not for the outrageous stupidity of our so-called "Leaders", Nigeria, with all our Wealth and Natural Resources, should have been one of the Greatest Nations on Earth..", criticised, f.ex. "Mallam Shehu", on this occasion, (speaking about "Turkish Schools" reportedly established recently at the "Boko Haram" Islamic Terrorist-stricken areas at the North of Nigeria, mainly by the U.S.-Exiled Fethullah Gulen Islamic Sect, that even it's former long-time Partner, Prime Minister Erdogan, is currently trying to Close inside Turkey itself, accusing such Islamic Schools for attempts to politically influence and even "Infiltrate the State's Security, Intelligence, Judiciary", etc., after  a previous Closure of Gulen Schools at Uzbekistan in the Past : from 1999; i.e. at the same time that Gulen was charged in Turkey for "attempting to set up an Islamist State", obliging him to Flee in he USA,, given also controversial initial attempts to establish such Turkish Gulen Schools in Central Asia after the collapse of the USSR, back on 1991, i.e. shortly before a Terrorist Tchechen Conflict hit Russia's Caucasian areas, at the crossroads of Oil/Gas Transports towards Europe). Such Criticism immediately received various Positive reactions also from other Members of "PMNews"' Forum, such as, f.ex.  : "God Bless you", and "Fantastic contribution", etc., respectively from "Omo Oluwa" and "James.J", etc., in a debate on the March 2014 News about Arms Smuggling from Turkey to Northern Nigeria via Civilian Turkish Airlines.


Among various other Precedents, a Turkish Ship had already been detained by Dubai Police, as early as since 2011, because they seized Thousands of Arms (16.000 Turkish-made Pistols) being Smuggled in a Cargo Sea shipment which originated in Turkey and was bound for Yemen"s restive Saada Region, where Rebels were Fighting Government forces. On 2012, at the Anniversary of September 11 Terroris Attacks, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans were Brutaly Killed by Islamic Armed Groups which set on Fire the US Consulate's building at Benghazi, Libya, shortly after a meeting with the Turkish Ambassador, which, according to several sources, was related to an illegal Arms' shipment from Turkey to Islamic Extremists operating in Syria. On a similar pattern, another Ship, destinated to Turkey, was reportedly detained this year (2014) in Greece, on suspicions for Arms' smuggling to Islamic Extremists who attack Syria, (etc).



In the case of Nigeria, a March 2014-released Tape Recording of a Phone conversation involving a Chief Counselor of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, the Chief of Turkey's Security Services, and an Official of "Turkish Airlines", leaked at the Internet (also via "YouTube", etc) and heavily commented at mainstream Press, etc.,  apparently revealed a controversial Arms Shipment to the "Boko Haram" hit Northen Nigeria region by Civilian Turkish Aviation. Moreover, one of the interlocutors was reportedly worried only in order to know if those Arms might "kill Christians or Muslims"...

Curiously, after initial Denials (claiming f.ex. that the leaked Tape would have been entirely "Fake" and not corresponding to the Truth, etc), the Full Text of an Official Press Release by the "Turkish Airlines" admitted, in fact, that the Civil Aviation of Turkey used, indeed, to Transport Arms and Ammunition at various occasions :

- "On the carriage of Arms, the forwarders and addressees can send their cargo with Turkish Airlines Cargo, through the representative they have designated", that Official Statement acknowledged, clearly admitting that even Civilian "Turkish Airlines" Planes are used, indeed, in order also to "carry Arms and Military Supplies", (sic !).

- "Turkish Airlines" only Denied that they were "Involved in the Carriage of Arms to/from the Countries that UN SC has imposed an Arms Ban, lacking Authority and/or under Conflict", as it claimed, just adding that this would be done "after accomplishing the necessary official Approval procedure from the relevant State Authorities", as "TA" said. Later-on, a local Nigerian Officer would have claimed that at least one shipment from Turkey with Military "Ammunitions", transported by "Turkish Airlines" on March 11, 2014, would have been receptioned by Nigeria's Naval Forces on March 12, (See also Infra).



[ Turkish Plane in Black Africa (Maiden Flight into Somalia, starting since March 2012). AfricaReview Files' photo) ]

Nigerian Aviation Minister, Stella Oduah, had already revealed, in a written Statement published earlier in the Press, that, curiously, it was mainly, or, perhaps, even only "Turkish Airlines" who operated International Flights to the "Boko Haram"-stricken Northern areas of the Country, including, particularly,  through the "Abuja and Kano ... Airports", (respectively named "Nnamdi Azikiwe" and "Mallam Aminu" International Airports, at Abuja and Kano) :

- Indeed, "Turkish Airline had in fact applied to operate into Abuja and Kano, .....(and) the Minister approved" that, already as early as "on August 1, 2012". SInce then, "IRS Airlines was nominated on to work with Turkish Airline in this regard", until now (2014), according to that Official Statement by the competent Nigerian Ministry.

+ On the Contrary, various Other Foreign Airlines, had Abstained from flying to such Northern Nigeria Airports. F.ex. : Not only European "KLM" from the Netherlands, "which had earlier Stopped its operations" there, despite "strenuous Efforts" by that "Minister", "in conjunction with the Kano (Federated) State Government",  to convince it "to continue to operate into the Kano Airport" at least. But even a Muslim Country Aviation Company such as "Emirates Airline", "Etihad", which "was supposed to commence operations from Abuja", and, nevertheless, later "Refused to do so", "rather insisting on starting from Lagos", instead, Minister Oduah also revealed.


=> Shortly afterwards, Irish analyst Finian Cunningham, published on October 2012 at NSNBC a report including Nigerian Political Expert Olufemi Ijebuode's appreciation that Boko Haram's "latest Massacre's upshot is to Destabilize the State of Nigeria by sowing sectarian Divisions among the population. The Killers may have been Boko Haram operatives, but Boko Haram is a Proxy organization working on behalf of Foreign powers.” Cunninham had concluded, then, that Boko Haram "appears to be the protagonist. But some believe that powerful Western Interests are using the Violence to consolidate Foreign Control over Nigeria’s vast Oil Wealth"

During this May 2014, Danish WebNews engine NSNBC's  Christof Lehmann from Aarhus, observed that Islamic Terrorist Organisation Boko Haram, who "began its Insurgency 5 Years ago", is, according to various "Experts", "Covertly Funded and Armed by Intelligence Services of (some) NATO member States", in order to provoke the "Destabilization of a country to justify a (Foreign) Military presence".

 - "One of the most recent incidents that supports this assessment, comes from a clandestine recording of a Phone conversation between Mustafa Varank, who has close ties to Tukey’s AKP Government and Turkey’s Intelligence service MIT, and a Turkish Airlines official, in which the two are discussing details about Arms Smuggling to Nigeria", reminded Lehmann.



+ Concerning also another Topical Link, while most Media throughout the World are currently focusing on a Mass Kidnapping of more than 200 Young Girls at Northern Nigeria, initially due to be Sold as Slaves by Boko Haram on May 2014, only a few Months earlier, on October 2013, already Tunisian Interior Minister Loftu Ben Jeddou had reportedly "complained that Tunisian Girls were being Trafficked through Turkey", "lured into Traps or simply Kidnapped", in order to be "Forced to satisfy the Sexual needs of Terrorists in Syria, under the euphemism of "Sexual Jihad"" : As Minister Ben Jeddou had reportedly stressed in Tunisia's National Assembly, " Turkey has become a Bridgehead for Sex Jihad and .. the Trafficked Tunisian Girls are Forced into having sex with 20 – 30, in some cases 100 of the “holy Warriors”, so that "most of them return Pregnant", and suffering from "Psychological Trauma", while "the large Number of Children which will be born due to such Forced sexual services will create a Sociological "Time-Bomb" in Tunisia", in addition to the fact that "many of the girls who return, have been Infected with sexually transmittable Diseases, including HIV". To this were added various recent cases of Young Girls also from France or Germany, aged only 16 or even 14 years old, who have reportedly been subject to attempts to be transfered to Syria through Turkey.


Reacting more recently, on March 2014, to the above mentioned Phone leakages about alleged Arms Smuggling to Nigeria by Turkish Airlines, Ankara's Government reportedly claimed that all those Taped Conversations would be "Fakes", aiming to Discredit Erdogan's party before Local Elections for Mayors etc....

On the Contrary, controversial Phone Tapes leaked at the Internet were, indirectly but surely, recognized as revealing a Truth, by subsequent Press Reports which citted both a Turkish Airlines and a Nigerian Officers claiming that, indeed, "Turkish Airlines Cargo" had really transported Military "Ammunition... through the Murtala Muhammad Airport", and these "Arms were moved" from there "on March 12".

But, at least in that concrete case, "the End User of the Arms were the Nigerian Navy", "the General Manager of Turkish Airlines, at Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Ahmet Can Akbuga", reportedly claimed on March 20, apparently "confirmed" by a Nigerian "Naval spokesman, Commodore Kabiru Aliyu", according to "TheHeraldNG" WebNews portail, as far that particular Transfert was concerned.

This was Published under the Headlines : - "‘We ... shipped arms to Nigeria’ – Turkish Airlines admits", to which was, nevertheless, added also a claim that, at least in 1 case, this would have been done "Legally", with "no wrongdoing", according to that Turkish agent's claims.

Indeed, in that leaked Phone Tape, one Turkish State's Official complained to a Counselor of Prime Minister Erdogan not so much for  Arms' Trafficking by Turkish Airlines in itself, but rather because he did "not know whether these (weapons) will Kill Muslims, or Christians" (sic !), as he said, (i.e. admitting any No-Muslims' murder !)..
That's the only reason for which he "feel(s) Sinful", as he acknowledged then, using an obviously religious term...



+ Moreover, by openly admitting that even Civilian Airplanes from Turkey use, indeed, to serve for Dangerous "Carriage of Arms" and "Ammunition" to various Destinations around Turkey's Neihgbouring Hotspots such as in Africa, Middle East, Caucasus, Central Asia, etc., even through purely Civilian AirPorts, (i.e. side by side with totaly UnWarned European, American, Russian, Chinese, and/or other Civilian Airplane Compagnies),

i.e. often only at a few Meters' distance from Thousands of peaceful Civilian People travelling Home, or for Business, Tourism, etc, without knowing at all that they might be obliged to walk so near -and/or board another Plane located side by side - to a Turkish Airplane secretly full of Explosive Ammunition and Arms,

such Official and public, even written "Turkish Airlines"' Press Statements, (whose Full Content was Curiously .. Censored by many Media of the Establishment !), obviously reveal even more Reasons of Serious Concern for all  Air-Passengers' Safety...


Ankara Government's unprecedented attempts, recently, to intervene inside Africa on various occasions, started to multiply particularly since a Former Turkish Expert, who had Failed to turn into a Politician, after arriving Last in popular National Elections in the Past, but  seemed to have some links to certain, mainly "Socialist"/Liberal U.S.A. Politicians, Mr. Dervis, was suddenly parachuted at the Top Job of UNO's Agency for the Development, dealing with many Poor Countries, specialy from Africa, etc.

Thus, f.ex., among many other cases in such activities, it was just after a UNO Conference about the Poorest Countries of the World, with the participation also of UN SG Ban Ki Moon,  held for 2 Days in Turkey, that former IMF's Head, French Socialist Politician Dominique Straus-Kahn (widely known as "DSK"), of Jewish origin, curiously decided to Fly from Istanbul to far away New York, where he was immediately mixed in an infamous gros Scandal, at the Eve of an important meeting scheduled one Day later in Berlin, with German Chancelor Merkel, (just after Media reports had involved him earlier in an alleged Criticism of controversial former PM of Greece, Giorgos Papandreou, a notoriously pro-Turkish "Socialist" born by an American Mother at the USA), back on 2011 :




I.e. shortly after a famous 2010 Clash between Turkey and Israel on a grossly Provocative attempt, led by a controversial Turkish NGO, (that some had already denounced as allegedly linked with various Terrorist Organisations, from the Middle East , Iraq and/or Pakistan/Afghanistan, up to Tchechnya, etc), to unilateraly Break a Naval Blocus of embattled Gaza's Mediterranean Sea Coastlines, followed by Brutal and Sadic Bloody Aggressions mainly of Turkish thugs Massively armed with long Sticks, metalic Chains, Knives, etc, (according to some sources, even Pistols, etc) who Surrounded, Attacked, Threw Down, Wounded, and tried to Lynch, one by one, a few Israeli Coastguards who had been obliged to board on those Ships, after many previous Warnings, according to the usual procedure already used also in several other cases, obliging afterwards the Israeli Army to try to Urgently Save the Lynched Coastguards by opening Fire, which led to the Death of a few among the numerous Turkish a.o. aggressors, that Ankara's Government tried to grossly Exploit Politically in all fora, including inside the UNO. I.e. at another obvious attempt to slyly Manipulate some Arab Muslims, (the 1st Victims of former Ottoman-Turkish Empire's Military Invasions and Occupations, which had notoriously Destroyed the Arab Civilisation, turning many Arab Countries into mainly Poor Areas of People under constant Foreign Oppression, from which they Started to be Liberated, with the Help, then, mainly of European Countries, only Centuries' later;, f.ex. via the "Laurence of Arabia"-inspired Popular Revolts which restored several National Arab States at the beginning of the 20th Century).


It's, indeed, in that Context that the "DSK" Scandal suddenly erupted in New York, by another  Coincidence, involving a Victim from one of the Poorest African Countries, which had just been at the Focus of that UNO's Conference in Turkey (Comp. Supra).

+ Now, during 2014, even inside Nigeria itself, obviously located far away from Turkey, and traditionaly Non-Related at all to Ankara throughout all its' History, nevertheless, Nigerian and other People started to Denounce also the Strange Fact that some Networks had recently established ... "Turkish Schools", and even "at the North" of the Country :  I.e. precisely there where the Deadly Violent Terrorism of "Boko Haram"'s armed  Muslim Extremists, have notoriously spread many Atrocious Mass-Murders of Hundreds of innocent, peaceful People, (with Victims totaling many Thousands of Killed or seriousy Wounded, reportedly Millions of affected People, whose Family Homes are systematically Destroyed, Burned down, etc, obliging entire Populations to massively Flee Deadly and Destructive Armed Aggressions)...



++ Nigeria reportedly has the Biggest known Gas deposits in the World, recently discovered, (even bigger than Egypt's, Iran's Quatar's, etc), which can be trahsported to the most Important Industrialized areas of the Planet, either by LNG Ship Transports through the Atlantic Ocean, or by a PanAfrican Pipeline through the Continent, towards Algeria and Europe : Already planned since several years, that huge "Trans-Saharian" Gas Pipeline's route towards the EU have suddenly started to become the Target of various so-called "Al-Quaida" related and/or other "Islamic" Extremist Armed Groups, previously Unknown in Africa, only recently.

(Approx.) Oil/Gas Transport Routes from Nigeria's+ area to EU, USA, etc)


Turkey, whose Raw Materials (such as Metals' Mines, etc), Mass Tourism, Agriculture and polluting old Industrial (f.ex. Textile, Cars, etc) Economy is particularly Needy of Energy that the Country apparently lacks totally, being dependent mainly on Oil/Gas Imports, has been notoriously struggling, since 1999, to attract various Foreign Pipeline plans from abroad, in many (most Failed) attempts to convince them to cross the Dangerous Conflict-stricken and Earsthquake-prone, long Turkish areas towards Europe, despite Ankara Government's infamous tendency to often abuse of Blackmail tactics whenever it might disagree vis a vis any Partner's views on Prices, Politics, etc., which obviously would submit any eventual Pipeline there under unacceptable Risks to be Blocked at any time that the Turkish Government might wish...

Therefore, Turkey, which is the only 3rd Country Neighbouring to Europe and eventually Oil/Gas Transit area, to have a Big USA Military Base on its soil, Unlike Oil/Gas Producing Arab Countries of South Mediterranean, (such as Algeria, Egypt, etc), Russia (through Ukraine and/or planned Baltic and Black Sea pipelines to Germany and Bulgaria, respectively, in addition to Danube-Rhine Rivers' Ship Transports' possibilities since 2002, etc), and soon Israel, EU Member Cyprus and/or Lebanon-recently discovered Off Shore Gas resources), Syria (which can Help Link easily Iraq and/or Iran's Oil/Gas resources to Europe via Pipeline and Ships), etc., obviously has a GeoPolitical Interest to anything which might Block or Restrict other EU Energy Import Routes, f.ex. from Russia, Africa or Cyprus/Israel and/or Suez Channel, N/W Iraq, Syria etc., so that potential Investors might eventualy accept, in Future, a much more Costly too Long and Risky, long Transit through the Turkish Anatolia plateau.

By another relevant Coincidence, controversial "Turkish Airlines"' Maiden Fight to Black Africa had reportedly started, "since March 2012", into Somalia, (as "AfricaReview" NewsMedia reminded on March this Year : 2014, on the occasion of the "Arms Smuggling" Affair : Comp. Supra), i.e. there where has notoriously erupted a New Phenomenon of "Somali" a.o. "Pirates" attacking Ships - including OIl/Gas Tankers- crossing the Suez Channel towards Europe.


+ Similar Massacres of innocent Civilians by sectarian Islamic Extremists' Mass-Bombings occured recently also at  Iraki areas located close to the Turkish-Kurdish Borders as f.ex.  Mosul, etc, partly revendicated by a so-called "Turkmen" tiny Minority, killing numerous Innocent People and pushing many Arabs and Kurds to Flee Deadly Violence, away from Oil/Gas rich regions and/or crossroads. While they multiplied and intensified further in intensity and Deadly effects, also in Afghanistan, by a coincidence since Turkey took briefly in charge ISAF's HQ,  around 2005, spreading mainly from areas located near the Pakistani Borders, most of which, by another coincidence, had been entrusted to the Turkish Army, seriously aggravating the situation as even Statistics showing a sharply Rising Number of Casualties, in ISAF Soldiers Killed by Talibans' Islamic Terrorism of Taliban Extremists (with whom Ankara notoriously wanted to push a Political Compromise) clearly reveals. More recently, it's notoriously in Syria, particularly close to the Turkish Borders, that various Brutal Islamic Extremists' Deadly Terrorism is attacking more and more violently, curiously, not only Assad regime's Army, but also Kurdish Dissidents, Armenian-origin Villagers (rescapees of the 1915-1922 Armenian a.o. Genocides by former Ottoman-Turc empire), and several civilian Christian populations, even Religious personalities, etc.. The indiscriminate Deadly Mass Bombings killing many innocent Civilians, and terrorizing them untl they start to Flee away from an Oil/Rich area and/or strategic crossroads, fearing Brutal Terrrorism by Islamic Extremists, obviously looks as a familiar Scenario also to Nigerians (particularly Christian populations) facing now Boko Haram's Mass Terrorism at the Northern part of the Country..


To the point that even ... Al Quaida itself, has reportedly abstained to endorse the worst Deadly so-called "Islamic Extremists3' Terrorism costing many Innocent People's Lives, both in Syria (f.ex. by the "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in the Levant" : ISIL), as also in Nigeria, (by Boko Haram), considering, in particular, that systematic mass killings of innocent Civilians would be finaly Contrary and Strange even to Al Quaida itself...



+=> Significant of a recently growing number and atrocity of such ultra-Extremist Islamic Terrorism incidents, is also the Exceptional Fact that, f.ex., in the latest EU Parliament's Resolution on Syria, adopted by a large Majority of MEPs on April 2014 in Strasbourg, EU "Strongly Condemns the Increasing number of Terrorist Attacks, carried out by Extremist Organisations and individuals in the country", as well as "any Human Rights Abuses and Violations of international Humanitarian Law by Armed Groups Opposing the regime", (in Addition to the usual formula vis a vis the Assad regime).

>>> In particular, EU Parliament "Strongly condemns the recent Attacks against certain Religious and Ethnic Communities in Syria, notably the Christians, Armenians and Kurds", (notoriously  close to the Turkish Borders).

+ Significantly, it's at this occasion that EU calls to "Stop all actions aimed at inciting interEthnic and inteConfessional conflict; stresses that all actors involved in the conflict have a Duty to Protect all the different Minorities present in the country". F.ex., EU Parliament "Condemns, in the Strongest possible terms, the Killing of Father Frans Van der Lugt, an Inhumane act of violence against a man who Stood by the People of Syria amid sieges and growing difficulties; pays Tribute to his work, which extended beyond the besieged city of Homs (near the Turkish borders), and continues to Help hundreds of civilians with their everyday Survival needs". It also "recalls the Pressing Need to Release all .. Detainees", such as, f.ex., "Religious figures (including [Christians] Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, Greek Orthodox Bishop Boulos Yazigi and Assyrian Orthodox Bishop John Ibrahim)".

+ Furthermore, the latest EUP. Resolution on Syria "Condemns the Attack against the Armenian town of Kassab (close to Turkey's S/W. Borders, where Survivors of the Armenian Genocide by the Ottoman-Turcs had found Refuge) ; supports all efforts at local level to Avoid and Combat Sectarian Violence in Rebel-held areas, and in Kurdish-majority areas;" (both Bordering Turkey).

=> MEPs also ask "Accountability for the Crimes committed during the conflict, including for those based on Religious or Ethnic grounds", (f.ex. targetting Christians, Armenians, Kurds, etc. : Comp. Supra), and "comments the work of .. InternationaL Actors collecting and preserving a large volume of Testimony on Crimes committed .... (not only by Assad's regime), but also "by some Rebel Groups ..., and call.. for Action in order to bring Perpetrators to Justice", as that Resolution adds in Conclusion,where it extends the list of its destinators up to "Turkey", (which notoriously Hosts and Supports various Groups of more or less Controversial, Violent Islamic Fighters attacking Syria).

(EU Parliament's main Tower Building, Strasbourg, April 2014)


>>> Concerning specifically Nigeria's Boko Haram, EU Parliament has already since 2013 pointed at UNO SC.'s Statement  (12/2011) "on Attacks by the Boko Haram Terrorist Sect", and "African Union's Commissioner for Peace and Security, Lamamra Ramtane"' Statement of 14 July 2012, Condemning the activities and human rights Violations of Boko Haram, urging the international community to assist Nigeria in resisting the terrorist sect, noting that it poses threats to Regional and International security", particularly since "the Connection between Boko Haram (that "a recent U.S. Report ranked as the 2nd most Deadly Terrorist group in the World") and AQIM (Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb) poses a serious Threat to peace and security in the greater Sahel Region and Western Africa".

- Thus, f.ex., already since then (2013), "Boko Haram is Responsible for the Deaths of (many Thousands of) People since 2009; (and) ..continues to Target State and security Officials, including ...Raid on ..Prisons..., killing ...People and resulting in the Release of ...inmates";  It also "attacks ..(not only) Police Stations, (and) Military Facilities", (but even) Christian "Churches, Schools, Farms, and Banks", "expanding ....its targeting of Civilians, including in Attacks on ...High Schools", etc., thus "Forc(ing) several Thousands SchoolChildren Out of formal Education",  "killing ... Students and .. Teachers; "whereas Threats to Civilians have prompted Farmers to flee their farms and abandon their crops, leading to loss of agricultural productivity and contributing to food shortages", as "Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Freedom House, and other human rights organizations have documented", while, in addition, there is  an "Increasing Concern over Boko Haram's decision to Kidnap Women and Children", after having already "kidnapped, attacked and killed" even "Foreign Workers", so that "UNHCR has Warned of a Refugee Crisis", given that, already last year, Tens of Thousands of "Nigerians arrived in Niger, and Cameroon", "Chad", etc.

 - As in Syria (Comp. Supra), also in Nigeria, Islamic Extremist "Boko Haram" Armed Terrorists, in fact, mainly "Target Christians, Moderate Muslims and Other Religious Groups, whom it is Driving Out of the Country's Majority Muslim North", EU Parliament denounced, (while also "call([ing] for a Wider examination of the Root Causes of the Conflict", as it already Warned since then). 

=> Therefore, MEPs "Strongly Condemn(ed) the Escalation of Violence on the part of  Boko Haram and the Tragic loss of innocent Lives in the stricken regions of Nigeria".
 While also urging the Nigerian Government to avoid Excessive use of force vis a vis those suspected to belong to that Sect, and try to address also its wider "Root Causes", which seem to "stem from Lack of Economic Development, and ...resentment between Indigenous groups, mostly Christians or animist, ..with Migrants and Settlers from the ...Muslim North, ..exacerbated by Climate Chage and Desert encroachment; ....including Manipulation ...by fundamentalist Islamic Groups, such as Boko Haram".

+ Moreover, EU Parliament "underline(d) the importance of Regional Cooperation in addressing the Threat posed by the Connection between Boko Haram and AQIM; encourages the countries of the region to deepen their cooperation, including with the Sahel countries, in order to Prevent further Synergies between "Boko Haram", "AQIM" and the "Movement for Oneness" and "Jihad in West Africa" (MOJWA);" and had "call(ed)", already since last year 2013, "on the EU Institutions and Member States, as well as the UN, the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas), to lend their Support to such Regional efforts and to address the threats posed by Terrorism, the Proliferation of light Weapons and TransBorder Crime".

 Last but not least, earlier this year : on April 2014, a Draft Resolution tabled by Italian MEP Paolo Silvestris (EPP/"Forza Italia"), on the "Massacre of Christians in Nigeria", strongly Denounces not only the "Continuous, systematic Attacks ....against the Christian population, by fringes of the Muslim Armed group Boko Haram", but also the more Recent Fact that " in the last 3 Months alone, some 1.500 Casualties in the Christian Minority have been recorded, owing to acts perpetrated by Boko Haram", while, in parallel, "over the years, the modus operandi of Boko Haram has Changed, especially in Recent Months, and Now also involves Kidnapping and ransom demands", (Comp. Supra).

=> "This Change, ...resembles the kind of activities carried out by groups linked to al Qaeda, (and, therefore), suggests Infiltration by the latter into the armed struggle of Boko Haram, in order to open up a New, African Front in the Global Jihad", (i.e. similar, mutatis-mutandis, to what has been already going-on at Turkey's Neighbouring Countries such as in Syria and Iraq, but also Afghanistan, etc. : Comp. Supra), denounces the MEP from Italy, (which takes over EU Council's rotating Presidency from July up to December 2014).

Therefore, Silvestris' Draft Resolution called on he EU to (A): "Collect Data, that can Confirm or Refute this kind of Infiltration" (i.e. via also "Kidnaping and Ransom demands" : Comp. Supra) , and (B): "consider Measures to Prevent a further Escalation of Violence in Nigeria, nd to ensure the country’s political stability and Security".

Astonishingly, from these 2 last EU Parliament's texts on Nigeria's "Boko Haram" Islamic Extremists' Terrorism, already as early as since July 2013, MEPs warned about "Increasing  Concern over Boko Haram's decision to Kidnap Women and Children", and, on April 11, 2014, Italian MEP Silvestris (EPP) had tried to Alert the EU by specifically underlining mainly a "Change" in "the modus operandi of Bokom Haram", "especially in Recent Months", which "Now also involves Kidnapping", i.e. suggesting an "Infiltration" by "Al Quaeda", (as in Syria's regions bordering to Turkey : Comp. Supra), as he stressed

 in a Premonitory way, at a Text tabled in Strasbourg just ... 3 (Three) Days before the Notorious Mass Kidnapping of more than 200 Young Girls from a Christian School in Nigeria, which has shaken all the World since April 14, 2014 !...





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    Strategically located between Paris and Prague, Strasbourg offered a natural location for the French and Czech EU 2008 and 2009 Presidencies to tune their agendas for a resolute European move towards Renewable Energies, during an exceptional Joint Parliamentary meeting on "Energy and Sustainable Development", co-organized here by the Presidents of EU Parliament, Hans Gert Poettering, French National Assembly, Bernard Accoyer, and Senate, Gerard Larcher, on November 20 and 21.

    Concluded by a busy-looking French super-Minister of Energy, Environment and Regional planning, Jean-Louis Borloo, the exceptional gathering of Top MPs from all 27 EU States' Parliaments hoped that a Ministerial meeting prepared by Borloo, will pave the way to an overall agreement at the level of EU Heads of State and Government Summit chaired on December 2008 by French President Nicolas Sarkozy, allowing the next EU chair, the Czech Republic, to start working from the beginning of 2009 on concrete measures.   

Speaking to "EuroFora" President Accoyer resumed the general feeling by stressing that "Europe has no Oil-Gas resources, but an important Scientific-Technologic potential. Therefore, we must develop Renewable Energy sources". "Since the Sun is the most abundant and free RES,  we must do the outmost to boost Solar Energy" solutions, he added, at the eve of a special meeting on Solar energy and the Mediterranean organised by Borloo on Saturday.     

Oil-gas supplies' security and diversification were also examined by the EU gathering, after which, President Accoyer replied  to our question on risks of long, expensive and fragile pipe-lines' projects, crossing through foreign countries out of the EU, compared to new possibilities for Sea and River Ship direct EU transport even of Gas, thanks to New Liquification technologies : - "We have just écreated the Union for the Mediterranean for concrete projects like these", Accoyer stressed, speaking of Sea-River Ship Highways, fundeable under EU's TENS programs.     

 Rapporteur on "Energy innovation and sustainable development", Dr. Bedrich Moldan, vice-President of Czech Senate's Environment and Regional Development Committee, added that Climat issues, price uncertainties and diminution of accessible Fossil energies, played together with EU's RST potential in order to make RES both a need and "an opportunity". However, in cases as "Solar Energy, even if the main Scientific ideas are already here, we have to make some technologic breakthroughs in order to find how to produce it on a large scale, store and transport it", Dr. Moldan added to "EuroFora".     

Czech interest for RES was also expressed, earlier in Strasbourg, by Jan Kohout, the deputy Minister pf Foreign Affairs who participated to a workshop on "Renewable Energies" organized by the French EU 2008 Presidency : - "The focus is on Development", he told us.    

On this and other RES issues, Dr. Moldan anounced the Czech EU 2009 chair's intention to organize an important 2-days Conference on Renewable Energies and Sustainable Development late January 2009 at nearby Prague.                


2009 EU Elections were won by Parties against Technocracy and Turkey's controversial EU bid, while the 1999-2004 Majority Abstention trend decelerated. What should be done in 2009-2014 ?


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